Service Areas

Fairfield County, Connecticut

Although Jeff Wirz is licensed (RES.0795065) to practice real estate throughout the State of Connecticut, his primary service area is the lower Fairfield County area. This area includes the cities of Stamford and Norwalk and (from west to east) the surrounding towns of Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Wilton, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Fairfield. He works personally with with buyers and sellers throughout this region.

To learn more about these cities and towns, visit our Fairfield County page.

Strategic Market Areas

In addition to the lower Fairfield County area in Connecticut, Jeff Wirz also manages three “strategic market areas” consisting of specific geographic regions where we proactively maintain working relationships with real estate professionals who serve these strategic markets. These “partner agents” are generally located in market areas where there is consistent movement to and from Connecticut.

Every partner agent within these strategic market areas has already met our specific selection criteria. They have been interviewed and fully vetted by Jeff Wirz before being designated as a partners. Rest assured, these agents are all experienced and knowledgeable about their areas, and are extremely willing to make themselves available to speak or meet with any prospective buyer, seller or renter, even if they’re still exploring the possibility of a move to or from their market region.

Below are our current strategic market areas, which will continue to expand in the future. To learn more about each strategic market area, click the headings below.


New England

New York

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United States and Beyond

It’s important to know that we are’t limited to just Fairfield County and these strategic market areas described above. If you or someone you know is looking for real estate services outside Fairfield County (Connecticut) or Florida, New England and New York, we can still perform an important role by connecting you with a highly qualified real estate agent in your specific geographic area of interest.

We take this segment of our business very seriously. The partner agents we refer you to are each hand-selected by us and fully vetted before we will recommend anyone to you.

After conducting the research on your behalf, we will connect you with experienced real estate agents almost anywhere in the United States and even around the World. This service is completely free to you and typically only takes a couple of days.

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Relocating is hard, but having the right people on your side will give you the peace of mind you want and make the process much easier for the long haul.

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