Fairfield County

Jeff Wirz is licensed (RES.0795065) to practice real estate throughout the State of Connecticut, but his primary service area is the lower Fairfield County area. This area includes the cities of Stamford and Norwalk and (from west to east) the surrounding towns of Greenwich, Darien, New Canaan, Wilton, Ridgefield, Weston, Westport and Fairfield. Jeff works personally with with buyers and sellers throughout this region.

Community Descriptions

The demographics of the Southwestern region of Connecticut is diverse in just about every sense of the word. Many suggest this is one of the primary reasons so many people choose this area to be their home. There is literally something here for everyone.

Below are summary descriptions for each city and town that we serve, as well as some statistics to provide additional data that might be of interest.

If you’d like additional background and insights on each community, Contact Us and we’d be glad to assist.

(In order from the closest to the furthest from NYC)


The Town of Greenwich is the largest “town” in our service area with a population of 62,396 (est 2013), and it is also the closest municipality to New York City. It is bordered with New York’s Westchester County to the West and the North, and the city of Stamford to the east. Greenwich has the largest land area in our region, with 47.8 square miles.

Greenwich is the home to many celebrity personalities, as well as many CEO’s and some of the richest business people in the world. It’s affluence is obvious when you drive through town, but it’s not as obvious when you study the numbers. That is because it does have a uniquely diverse population like the other larger towns and cities in the region. The range in property values, as well as the per capita income level, is probably as wide as it gets. The median age in Greenwich is the highest in the region at 43 years and the per capital income is $105,189.

In 2019 the average sales price for all residential properties sold (680 properties) was $1,547,112. There were 523 single family and 157 condominiums sold. It’s worth noting that each year there are many 8-figure homes sold in Greenwich, which is typically more than all the other towns in Fairfield County combined..

Greenwich includes the neighborhoods of Old Greenwich, Riverside, Cos Cob, Byram, Glenville and the Back Country of Greenwich.


Stamford is one of two “cities” in our primary market area, and its also the largest. In fact, Stamford is currently the third largest city in Connecticut with 129,775 residents (est 2018), and it will likely become the second largest following the 2020 census as it surpasses New Haven and approaches Bridgeport, which is currently Connecticut’s largest city with about 144,000 residents. Stamford’s land area is quite large with 37.7 square miles.

Stamford serves as the most important “hub” for the region because it sits only 30 miles from Manhattan and has people commuting both to and from the city. Many commuters also come and go from and to communities in the opposite direction of New York City, which includes many areas to the north and east of Stamford.

The City of Stamford serves as the corporate and transportation center of the region, and it is probably best know by the residents of the region for its many options in fine dining, nightlife, entertainment, and the many parades and cultural events that are held here.

Stamford has the “youngest” population in the region with a median age of 38 years. The per capita income in Stamford in 2017 was $55,279.

In 2019 the average sales price for all residential properties sold (1407 properties) was $508,914. There were 757 single family, 71 multi-family and 579 condominiums sold.

Stamford includes the neighborhoods of Springdale, Glenbrook, The Cove, Shippan, Newfield, Turn of River, Westover, North Stamford, Waterside and the West Side.


Darien is the smallest town in land area in our service area with just 12.9 square miles of land, but it is not the smallest in population. With a population of 20, 732 (2010 census) Darien is more densely populated than most of the other towns in our service area.

The town of Darien borders the city of Stamford to the west and the city of Norwalk to the east, as well as the town of New Canaan to the north. Darien also sits on the Long Island Sound to the south, which is where many of Darien’s most valuable and most prized properties are located.

The median age of a Darien resident is 40 years and the per capita income is $107,567.

In 2019 the average sales price for homes sold was $1,496,788 with 276 single family homes and 16 condominiums sold.

New Canaan

New Canaan is one of the smaller towns in our service area with 22.1 square miles of land and a population of 19,738 (2010 census). It is also one of our most affluent communities with a per capita income of $116,088, the highest of the ten municipalities in our market area. The average age is also one of the highest at 43 years.

New Canaan is located north of New Canaan, east of Stamford, west of Norwalk and Wilton, and it borders Pound Ridge, New York to the north.

The average price of all homes sold in New Canaan in 2019 was $1,317,148 with 248 single family and 44 condominiums sold.


Norwalk is the second largest city that we serve in our market. Norwalk is the sixth largest city in Connecticut with it’s 89,047 (est 2018) residents covering 22.8 square miles of land. It is located about 40 miles from mid-town Manhattan.

Norwalk also serves as a transportation center for the surrounding area and also boasts many of the region’s most popular attractions and events. Although smaller than Stamford, the demographic makeup of Norwalk is very similar. The median age is 39 years and the per capital income in Norwalk in 2017 was $40,865.

In 2019 the average sales price for all residential properties sold (1041 properties) was $494,125. There were 643 single family, 47 multi-family and 351 condominiums sold.

Norwalk includes the neighborhoods of South Norwalk, East Norwalk, West Norwalk, Cranbury, Silvermine and Rawayton.


Population 18,062 (2010)
26.9 Square miles of land
Median age 43 years
Per capita income $93,106
Average sales price $726,815
233 Single family
21 Condominiums


Population 26,391 (2010)
20.0 Square miles of land
Median age 45 years
Per capita income $110,513
Average sales price $1,295,709
356 Single family
33 Condominiums


Population 10,179 (2010)
19.8 Square miles of land
Median age 43 years
Per capita income $105,856
Average sales price $794,511
163 Single family


Population 62,105 (2017)
29.9 Square miles of land
Media age 40 years
Per capita income $61,787
Average sales price $662,788
766 Single family
28 Multi-family
123 Condominiums


Population 24,638
34.4 Square miles of land
Median age 45 years
Per capita income $75,163
Average sales price $653,978
327 Single family
55 Condominiums

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