The Jeff Wirz Realty Group is a full-service real estate agency based in Stamford, Connecticut operating out of the office of Keller Williams Prestige Properties.

I work with buyers, sellers, investors and tenants providing a range of services in each area. My primary service area is Stamford, but I also work with clients throughout the lower Fairfield County region.

I am a licensed professional in the State of Connecticut, and just as you probably have physicians, dentists, accountants, attorneys and others, you should also have a professional Realtor available to seek advice about your home when the need comes.

One of the great benefits of having a Realtor at your disposal is that we are completely free of charge in most situations. The only time we charge a fee is when we list your property for sale or for rent and we are paid only at the conclusion of the transaction.

Most of my clients contact me for contractor referrals, remodeling advice, or for updates on the real estate market conditions. These are all value-added services that I provide to my clients, and even people who I have yet to serve.

I also have a national network of broker firms for when you need a referral in a different market area. When referrals are requested I will select and fully vet any and all referrals I provide, and there is not cost to you for this service.

To learn more about our specific service specialties, please visit the following pages under the “services” heading on this website or by clicking the links below.

Referral Services

Read what some of my clients have said about me on my Testimonials page.

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